Improdema manufactures custom made projects for carpentry and furniture in wood, metal and other materials, for residential, commercial, business and institutional uses such as offices, hotels, restaurants, institutional facilities, hospitals and clinics for local and international markets. We do things well, always seeking to reach perfection. Our pieces have a high degree of elaboration, attention to details, functionality and quality. We aim to understand the purpouse of our clients' ideas and we invite them to actively participate during the execution of the project.

Improdema has a tradition of sixty years, twenty of them exporting to different countries from the United States to Argentina. We comply with the delivery times, requirements and commitments acquired, respecting the raw material, the finishes, the processes, the agreed designs and the time of our clients.

We seek to be the ideal complement for designers and architects. We use top quality materials, state-of-the-art technology and experienced staff.

At Improdema we have a modern infrastructure, where we develop the manufacturing processes guaranteeing projects with our high-quality standards, complete and in accordance with the approved plans. Each piece and improvement is studied before being manufactured to be perfect. We integrate the point of view of our clients with ours to fine-tune even the smallest detail. We use exclusive materials, carefully chosen for each project, achieving unique projects and respectful of its purpose.